Commercial Flush Primed


If you’re looking for a high-quality, Commercial Flush Primed door, look no further! Our selection is perfect for schools, hospitals, and hotels. We veneer over the lippings in beech or maple prior to finishing with two coats of PU primer offering a superior long lasting finish.



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If you’re looking for a high-quality architectural grade veneered fire door then you’ve come to the right place.

  • All of our fire doors are constructed from a purpose made multi-layer particleboard core which has been specifically designed for the manufacture of high-performance fire doors.
  • Independently tested to BS476 Pt.22.  Measuring 44mm thick they have a weighty quality feel and make a solid confident clunk when closed.
  • We apply 8mm solid timber to all edges of our doors, our timber is selected joinery quality and free from any knots and splits.
  • The veneers we use are A grade, the highest commercially available quality.
  • Our doors are finish sanded by hand which means you will never see any sanding belt scratch lines in our products.
  • We machine a light 3mm pencil round to the edges of our doors, softening that edge just slightly.
  • For the perfect finish we apply three coats of polyurethane lacquer providing excellent durability.

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1981 x 762 x 44mm, 1981 x 838 x 44mm, 1981 x 864 x 44mm, 2040 x 726 x 44mm, 2040 x 826 x 44mm, 2040 x 926 x 44mm, Bespoke up to 2150 x 930 x 44mm