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  • £515.16£555.16

    Commercial Glazed 1150 x 150

    Our commercial glazed veneered doors with a vision panel measuring 1150 x 150, featuring hockey stick beads, are very popular with schools, offices and hospitals.

  • £838.47£878.47

    Commercial Glazed 1650 x 510

    This commercial glazed veneered door features a large vision panel measuring 1650 x 510 and has been fitted with hockey stick beads to provide half hour fire protection. Its popular design makes it ideal for hotels and corridors, allowing plenty of light in.


  • £484.19£524.19

    Commercial Glazed 450 x 450

    Popular in kitchens and corridors this glazed door option features a 450 x 450 vision panel with hockey stick beads.

  • £444.88£484.88

    Commercial Glazed 700 x 150

    Our 700 x 150 glazed doors are popular in a number of commercial applications.

  • £450.33£490.33

    Commercial Glazed 750 x 150, 450 x 150

    Our Commercial Glazed Veneered Doors With two Vision Panel Measuring 750 X 150 & 450 x 150, Are Very Popular With Schools and Hospitals.

  • £478.46£518.46

    Commercial Glazed 915 x 150

    One of our most popular office fire doors, fitted with a vision panel measuring 915 x 150

  • £631.07£671.07

    Commercial Glazed 915 x 510

    This Commercial Glazed Veneered Door Features A Large Vision Panel Measuring 915 X 510 And Has Been Fitted With Hockey Stick Beads To Provide Half Hour Fire Protection.  Allowing Plenty Of Light In without being a fully glazed door.