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  • £66.63£372.84

    Chamfered Architraves

    A traditional architrave manufactured from premium grade timber free of any knots or splits, supplied in sets and fully finished in long lasting polyurethane lacquer. Softwood primed 3 coats polyurethane primer.  Shown here in American White Oak.

  • £270.00

    Commercial Flush Ash

    Our ash veneered doors are the perfect solution for schools and other educational establishments looking to upgrade their interiors. With a high-quality finish and long-lasting durability, these doors provide a beautiful yet functional addition to any space.



  • £310.00

    Commercial Flush Maple

    For educational establishments and hospitals, our commercial flush maple veneered doors are an ideal choice. These doors provide a great balance of style, functionality, and durability.

  • £270.00

    Commercial Flush Oak

    If you’re looking to upgrade the look and feel of your office space, our commercial flush oak veneered doors are an excellent choice. With their smooth finish and contemporary design, these doors will provide an instant boost to any environment.

  • £270.00

    Commercial Flush Primed

    If you’re looking for a high-quality, Commercial Flush Primed door, look no further! Our selection is perfect for schools, hospitals, and hotels. We veneer over the lippings in beech or maple prior to finishing with two coats of PU primer offering a superior long lasting finish.



  • £270.00

    Commercial Flush Steamed Beech

    Steamed Beech veneered doors are an excellent choice for educational institutions and hospitals looking for high-quality commercial flush doors.


  • £310.00

    Commercial Flush Walnut

    Our Commercial Flush walnut veneered doors are a popular choice for hotels, creating warm and inviting spaces.

  • £515.16£555.16

    Commercial Glazed 1150 x 150

    Our commercial glazed veneered doors with a vision panel measuring 1150 x 150, featuring hockey stick beads, are very popular with schools, offices and hospitals.

  • £838.47£878.47

    Commercial Glazed 1650 x 510

    This commercial glazed veneered door features a large vision panel measuring 1650 x 510 and has been fitted with hockey stick beads to provide half hour fire protection. Its popular design makes it ideal for hotels and corridors, allowing plenty of light in.


  • £484.19£524.19

    Commercial Glazed 450 x 450

    Popular in kitchens and corridors this glazed door option features a 450 x 450 vision panel with hockey stick beads.

  • £444.88£484.88

    Commercial Glazed 700 x 150

    Our 700 x 150 glazed doors are popular in a number of commercial applications.

  • £450.33£490.33

    Commercial Glazed 750 x 150, 450 x 150

    Our Commercial Glazed Veneered Doors With two Vision Panel Measuring 750 X 150 & 450 x 150, Are Very Popular With Schools and Hospitals.

  • £478.46£518.46

    Commercial Glazed 915 x 150

    One of our most popular office fire doors, fitted with a vision panel measuring 915 x 150

  • £631.07£671.07

    Commercial Glazed 915 x 510

    This Commercial Glazed Veneered Door Features A Large Vision Panel Measuring 915 X 510 And Has Been Fitted With Hockey Stick Beads To Provide Half Hour Fire Protection.  Allowing Plenty Of Light In without being a fully glazed door.

  • £150.00£300.00

    Doorset Solutions

    Our doorset solutions package enables our customers to simply pick out the doors, frames and ironmongery they want and we take care of all the CNC work, everythings checked in accordance with the fire test data, hinges, locks and keeps all line up and you save time on site.  Simply slot it into place and tighten the screws.

  • £410.00£860.00


    The Florence range of fire doors, shown here in zebrano, With its horizontally laid veneer, combines style and functionality to deliver a stunning addition to your home. A simple understated modern look that will enhance the aesthetic of any residential setting.